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Why Should We Use Air Purification Activated Carbon?

May. 19, 2018

Air purifying activated carbon is used at lots of homes. Do you know why?

According to research, the sources of indoor air pollution are: building materials such as bricks, wallpapers, paints; combustion of gas, coal, etc.; cooking of fried and smoked dishes; smoking smog; some cosmetics. Studies have shown that air-conditioning systems often pollute indoor air due to poor ventilation. The air pollution may be selected from activated carbon adsorption, catalytic method, combustion method, and condensation method. The application of active carbon adsorption method or catalytic method is common. Exhaust gas is contacted with porous activated carbon having a large surface area, and contaminants in the exhaust gas are adsorbed to separate it from the gas mixture and purify. The commonly used method for households is air purification activated carbon, which is affordable and effective. Air purifying activated carbon is the choice of many families.

Air Purification Activated Carbon

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