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What Is Activated Carbon Regeneration?

Jun. 08, 2018

Activated carbon regeneration technology, activated carbon regeneration is the adsorption of activated carbon activated by certain conditions and then activated again. Activated carbon has been widely used in environmental protection, industrial and civil use, and has achieved considerable results. However, activated carbon adsorption is a physical process after the adsorption of activated carbon is replaced, so it is also possible to use high-temperature steam will be used activated carbon Impurities within the desorption, and make it restore its original activity, in order to achieve the purpose of repeated use, with obvious economic benefits. The recycled activated carbon can still be used continuously and regenerated. Activated carbon regeneration is activated by adsorption of saturated activated carbon after certain conditions.

Activated Carbon Regeneration Technology

The significance of activated carbon regeneration technology, from DEQIAN, providing the best activated carbon regeneration technology.

1, It is conducive to recycling economy

The application range of activated carbon is becoming more and more widespread, but because activated carbon is easily saturated during use, it loses its adsorption capacity and must be replaced by frequent use to achieve its effect. The high cost of activated carbon, each time you replace new charcoal, will increase the company's operating costs, it must be considered for recycling of saturated activated carbon, in order to achieve the purpose of circular economy.

2, Conducive to energy-saving emission reduction

If one ton of saturated activated carbon is incinerated as waste, it will be equivalent to 0.128 tons of carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere. To make 1 ton of high-quality activated carbon, it needs to consume 8 tons of wood or 8 tons of raw coal. The regeneration of activated carbon can greatly reduce the consumption of coal resources, reduce air pollution, and reduce energy waste.

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