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Water Purification Activated Carbon

May. 02, 2018

Activated carbon is generally columnar particles, large specific surface area, well-developed micropores, high mechanical strength, fast adsorption, high purification, not easy to remove powder, long service life.

Pure water activated carbon can be widely used in chemical, electronics, medicine, printing and dyeing, food and domestic water, industrial water, solution filtration, adsorption purification, impurity removal, and can also be used for deep purification of industrial wastewater. Can effectively remove odor, chlorine, cyanide, and many kinds of heavy metal ions and other harmful substances and decolorization.

Water Purification Activated Carbon

Water purification activated carbon is mostly made of coconut shell as raw material and refined by advanced production technology. The product has the advantages of advanced pore structure, high strength, low impurity content, proper particle size, low resistance, and easy regeneration. It has excellent effects on water purification. It not only removes offensive odors, but also improves water purity. It also has a high removal rate for various impurities such as chlorine, phenol, arsenic, lead, cyanide, and pesticides. Can be widely used to fill all types of large, medium and small water purifiers.

Water purification activated carbon is mainly used for the filling, dechlorination, oil reduction and purification of various kinds of manufacturing equipment such as city drinking water, purified water, distilled water and ultrapure water, as well as deep purification treatment of various industrial waste waters.

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