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Selection Of Activated Carbon For Organic Waste Gas Treatment

Dec. 10, 2018

If the Waste Gas Disposal Coal Activated Carbon is not selected well, it will attenuate obviously and the life is not long. Generally, it needs to be changed once every 6 months to 1 year. The special activated carbon has an adsorption capacity of more than 100%, and has good desorption and stability. Therefore, the life is more than 2-3 years, which can save costs. The surface area of the High Purity Particles Activated Carbon has a great relationship with the pore structure. Different organic solvents are selected from activated carbon with different pore sizes, so as to ensure that the attenuation is not obvious, the gas pressure resistance is small, the adsorption capacity is strong, and the desorption is easy, and the gas flow rate is fast. , to eliminate local temperature rise phenomenon.

Organic waste gas treatment activated carbon has the advantages of reasonable pore size distribution, high adsorption capacity, fast adsorption speed, high mechanical strength, use in a fixed bed, low gas flow resistance, easy desorption and regeneration, etc., and a wide concentration range for most inorganic gases and most Organic vapor and solute have strong adsorption capacity

Governance method

1. Condensation recovery method: the organic waste gas is directly introduced into the condenser through adsorption, absorption, dissociation and separation, and valuable organic matter can be recovered. The method is applicable to the working conditions of high organic waste gas concentration, low temperature and small air volume, and needs to be attached. Refrigeration equipment is mainly used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and is rarely used by printing companies.

2. Absorption method: Generally adopt physical absorption, that is, the exhaust gas is introduced into the absorption liquid for purification, and the absorption liquid is saturated, and then heated, analyzed, and condensed and recovered; the method is applicable to the air volume, low temperature, low concentration exhaust gas, but needs to be equipped with heating Analytical recovery device, large equipment and high investment.

Waste Gas Disposal Coal Activated Carbon

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