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Application Of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon In Waste Gas Treatment

Aug. 10, 2018

1. Granular activated carbon is often used in gas phase adsorption, usually by allowing gas to pass through the activated carbon layer for adsorption. According to the state of the activated carbon layer in the adsorption device, the adsorption layer has several fixed layers, a moving layer and a flowing layer. However, in small adsorbers such as electric frosts and deodorizers in automobiles, adsorption by gas convection and diffusion is performed. In addition to Particles Activated Carbon, activated carbon fibers and activated carbon moldings are also increasingly being used in gas phase adsorption.

2. The air in the instrument room, air-conditioned room, basement and submarine facilities often contains body odor, smoking odor, cooking odor, oil, organic and inorganic sulphide, corrosive ingredients due to external pollution or the influence of crowd activities in a closed environment. Etc., causing corrosion of precision instruments or affecting human health.

3. Chemical plants, tanneries, paint factories, and engineering gases using various organic solvents contain various organic solvents, inorganic and organic sulfides, hydrocarbons, chlorine, oil, mercury, and other environmentally harmful The ingredients can be discharged after adsorption with activated carbon. The gases emitted from the atomic energy facilities contain radioactive cesium, strontium, iodine, etc., which must be adsorbed with activated carbon before being discharged. The flue gas generated by the combustion of coal and heavy oil contains sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, which are harmful components that pollute the atmosphere and form acid rain. They can also be adsorbed and removed by activated carbon.

4. There are many use cases of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon for refined gas, such as gas masks, cigarette filters, refrigerator deodorizers, automobile exhaust gas treatment devices, etc., all of which utilize the excellent adsorption performance of activated carbon to make the toxic components in the gas unfavorable to the human body. The ingredients or odorous ingredients are removed. For example, after adding 100-120 ng of activated carbon to the cigarette filter, see Table 3-6-2, a large part of the harmful substances in the flue gas can be removed.

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

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