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Advantages Of Sewage Treatment Activated Carbon In Water Treatment

Dec. 24, 2018

Sewage Treatment Coal Activated Carbon, using activated carbon for advanced treatment of wastewater, can improve water quality. This is due to the adsorption of activated carbon, which adsorbs organic matter dissolved in wastewater. Simultaneous digestion and denitrification is easy to achieve, because a biofilm can be formed on the activated carbon, and an aerobic anaerobic zone exists in the formed biofilm. Activated carbon can reduce the effect of biological treatment, it can absorb some heavy metal ions that are poisonous to microorganisms. It can improve the sedimentation of sludge because of its adsorption, and many small molecular organics with good stability can form large flocs by adsorption.

When Coal particle Activated Carbon is used in combination with microorganisms, the contaminants are removed under the synergistic effect of adsorption and microbial oxidative decomposition. A large number of micropores of sewage treated activated carbon adsorbed oxygen in organic matter and wastewater, providing a high concentration of nutrient source for microbial population growth and reproduction, and enzymes and coenzymes produced during microbial metabolism are adsorbed and enriched in activated carbon micropores. In addition, the contact time between the microorganisms and the organic matter on the carbon is long, so that the organic matter which is difficult to degrade may also be decomposed by biooxidation. The method has the following advantages: stable, good treatment effect; improving the resistance of microorganisms to organic matter and heavy metals; sewage treated activated carbon can adsorb surface active substances, solves the problem of bubbles in the aeration tank; and produces cohesive carbon bodies and Microorganisms form solid and dense sludge, improve the operating conditions of the activated sludge process; can be used to treat wastewater with complex composition, concentration and water volume; low cost.

Sewage Treatment Coal Activated Carbon

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