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Reasons Analysis of Air Pollution

May. 21, 2018

The source of pollution is the fundamental measure for preventing and controlling the harm of air pollution, and there are many ways to deal with it. Here we will introduce its main methods. Air purifying activated carbon is an affective way.

(1)Rational industrial layout to facilitate the diffusion of pollutants and the mutual use of waste gas between factories to reduce exhaust emissions.

(2)Implement centralized district heat supply, replace scattered low-level chimneys with high-efficiency boilers, and replace scattered low-low chimney discharge methods with high-efficiency boilers. This is a powerful measure for the prevention and control of urban air pollution.

(3)Change the fuel composition. Such as the development of urban industrial and civil gas, liquefied petroleum gas, the adoption of low sulfur fuels and new energy sources (solar energy, wind energy, geothermal heat, etc.). Coal mining is implemented to remove most of the sulfur in the coal (mainly pyrite sulfur).

(4)Reduce vehicle emissions. Mainly to change the combustion design of the engine and improve the quality of oil combustion, strengthen traffic management.

(5)Toxic gases emitted from industrial installations should be controlled in terms of process reform and recycling.

(6)Dust removal from the chimney. The sulfur dioxide control technology in flue gas is divided into two major categories: dry method (using solid powder or granules as absorbent) and wet method (using liquid as absorbent).

We will go on introducing air purification activated carbon.

Air Purification Activated Carbon

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