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Production Process of Industry Activated Carbon

Mar. 31, 2018

Industry grade activated carbon can be divided into physical water vapor method and chemical method according to the production method. Here, the production of physical water vapor method is emphasized. The general production is divided into two processes.

Industry Grade Activated Carbon

In the first step, charring, the raw material is dried at a temperature of 170 to 600, and 80% of its organic tissue is charred by the same amount.

In the second step, activation, the carbonized material that has been carbonized in the first step is fed into the reaction furnace, reacts with the activator and water vapor, and the activation process is completed to obtain a finished product. In the process of endothermic reaction, CO and H2 combination gas is mainly produced to heat the carbonization material to the appropriate temperature (800 to 1000 degrees), remove all its decomposable substances, and generate abundant pore structure and huge specific surface area. Make activated carbon has a strong adsorption. Activated carbons with different raw materials have different pore sizes, of which the activated carbon with coconut shells as raw material has the smallest pore size.

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