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Precautions of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

May. 12, 2018

1. The coconut shell activated carbon is prevented from being mixed with hard substances in the transportation process, and cannot be stepped or stepped to prevent the carbon particles from being broken and affect the quality.

2. The storage should be stored in the porous adsorbent, so during the transportation, storage and use, it must be absolutely prevented from flooding. After the flooding, a large amount of water is filled with active voids and it loses its function.

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

3, Coconut shell activated carbon to prevent tar substances in the use of the process should be prohibited tar substances into the bed of activated carbon, so as not to plug the gap of activated carbon, to lose its adsorption. It is best to have decoking equipment purge gas.

4. When the fireproof activated carbon is stored or transported, it is prevented from direct contact with the fire source to prevent the ignition and regeneration of activated carbon to avoid oxygen and regeneration. After regeneration, the steam must be cooled down to below 80°C, otherwise the temperature is high, and the oxygen is encountered. Activated carbon spontaneous combustion.

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