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How To Use Activated Carbon Correctly?

Nov. 23, 2018

For our life, it is often not enough to understand activated carbon. We must also know how to use activated carbon correctly. First of all, open the package and take out the activated carbon adsorption bag, and put it directly into our bookcase, shoe cabinet, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe and other cabinets; there are desks, computers, sofas and other places where people often move, as well as any other places that need to purify the air. The point is that the location must be the source of pollution and the place where people often move. The space height should be within 180 centimeters.

After 20 days or so, we have to expose the Powdered Activated Carbon to the sun for 3-5 hours, which can be used repeatedly for 6-10 months. Keep in mind that this step is necessary, because the pore in activated carbon is also limited, it will be saturated after a period of time, especially a large number of water molecules occupy a larger space in activated carbon. So we must regularly expose them to the sun, so that the water molecules in the activated carbon can be fully evaporated.

Users who live in the new house immediately after decoration should take this into account. Activated carbon physical adsorption principle is similar to the regulation principle of traditional Chinese medicine. The effect is relatively slow, but it is absolutely safe and has no side effects and lasts for a long time to purify. For new houses in urgent need of accommodation, we strongly recommend that they be used in combination with other treatment methods, such as plant decontamination: plant decontamination, such as hanging orchid, aloe, etc., or pollution control products using plant extracts as raw materials.

Usually we will not live in the newly decorated new house immediately, so when using activated carbon, we should also pay attention to: first open the window of the new house to make it as ventilated as possible, also can use fans to speed up the exchange of fresh air and indoor air, to discharge a certain amount of harmful gas outdoors, while scattering the activated carbon adsorption package in the room. Any position inside. After a period of time, the indoor odor will gradually reduce, and then the activated carbon will be collected and placed centrally to control the source of pollution, so that it can continue to adsorb the release of harmful substances.

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