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Advantages Of Powdered Activated Carbon And Granular Activated Carbon

Jan. 16, 2019

There are many types of activated carbon filter materials, but what are the advantages of Powdered Activated Carbon and Granular Activated Carbon? You can compare the activated carbon filter series from several aspects. It is selected according to the specific advantages of the two activated carbon filter materials according to the specific process purpose.

The powdered activated carbon filter is usually applied in a liquid phase, and after adding a liquid, it is stirred, mixed, filtered or sedimented to obtain a desired liquid. The advantages of the powdered activated carbon filter treatment are: it is suitable for batch process, easy to control the amount of addition, and can utilize off-the-shelf filtration equipment, and the price is low.

The granular activated carbon filter can be used in the liquid phase as well as in the gas phase. The liquid or gas to be treated is typically passed continuously through the activated carbon filter column. It is characterized by the treatment of granular activated carbon filter material: it is suitable for continuous process and automatic control, less active carbon filter material consumption, high carbon/liquid ratio, easy to clean operation, and should be used when the price is high. Regeneration, and easier to regenerate.

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