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Why Is Bamboo Charcoal Not Suitable For Air Purification?

Nov. 16, 2018

Material selection: Bamboo charcoal is made from old bamboo by high temperature firing. Due to the loose texture and low hardness of bamboo charcoal, under the action of external force, the micropores are easily blocked and deformed, and it is difficult to maintain the original state. Regular activated carbon manufacturers do not use bamboo to produce activated carbon.

In addition, the pore diameter of bamboo charcoal is larger than that of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon and Powder Coal Activated Carbon, which is not conducive to the adsorption of gas molecules. Even if it is absorbed, it is easy to desorb.

Treatment process: Many bamboo charcoal sold on the market are only fired at high temperature and have not been activated. It can only be called charcoal. It cannot be called activated carbon at all, nor is it an air-purifying activated carbon. Please pay attention to consumers, do not be fooled by the misleading propaganda of bamboo charcoal, low prices, and beware of being deceived.

Packaging and sealing: Air purification of activated carbon is absolutely in sealed packaging during transportation and sales. Because it will start to adsorb when it comes into contact with air, its saturation period is certain. Therefore, professional air purification activated carbon must be sealed and packaged. In order to reduce the cost, the packaging of bamboo charcoal products does not care about the adsorption of the product itself. Generally, it is glued or simply bound, and there is no sealing effect.

Technical indicators: activated carbon iodine value can reach 1000-1200 mg / g, specific surface area can reach 3000m2 / g (50g / bag of adsorption area equivalent to 50 football fields), and bamboo charcoal products iodine adsorption value of 500-700 mg / g Around, the iodine adsorption value of charcoal carving crafts is only about 650 mg / g. Therefore, activated carbon has an absolute advantage in adsorption performance. The adsorption capacity is 2-3 times that of carbon carving and bamboo charcoal; the amount of harmful gas that can be contained is 10-20 times that of bamboo charcoal and carbon carving.

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