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Production Process Of Powdered Activated Carbon

Sep. 21, 2018

The production process of Powder Activated Carbon can be roughly divided into two types:

1. Chemical powdered activated carbon Powdered activated carbon Appearance: It is black powder, odorless, tasteless, and does not dissolve in general solvents. Performance: high quality wood chips and husks are used as raw materials, zinc chloride and phosphoric acid are activators. They are carbonized and activated and refined. The finished product has excellent adsorption capacity and low impurity content. Uses: It is suitable for the purification of decolorized phase of sugars such as glucose sucrose and maltose, as well as the removal, purification and purification of macromolecular pigments in citric acid, cystine, oil and chemical products. Water quality is destroyed when it is subsequently placed in a filter.

Second, the physical method powdered activated carbon powdered activated carbon properties: high-quality shell and Wood Activated Carbon as raw materials, after steam activation, refined treatment, crushed, the appearance of black fine powder, non-toxic, odorless, with a large specific surface area, Strong adsorption capacity. Powdered activated carbon use: This product is suitable for decolorization, impurity removal and exquisiteness of medicines, food additives, monosodium glutamate, chemicals, beverages, etc., and is suitable for water purification treatment. It has strong decolorization power and fast filtration speed, and is suitable for decolorization and refining of medicines, pesticides and Chinese and Western medicines.

Let us talk about the powdered activated carbon regeneration technology, which consists of three parts: hydrochloric acid treatment, vacuum pumping filtration and activation and regeneration treatment. It is characterized in that 100Kg of waste powdered activated carbon is placed in the acid-resistant pool and 200-300Kg0.15N is added. Hydrochloric acid, heated to 100 ° C for 3 hours, then add 500Kg of water, let stand layer, remove the upper layer of water, repeatedly add water and let the layering until the carbon slurry reaches PH4; use the carbon slurry of PH4 The vacuum pump is used to filter the carbon cake, and then dried to a water content of about 30%, then pulverized into carbon powder, the carbon powder is placed in a refractory crucible, and then the crucible is placed in a steel wire frame, suspended in a furnace, and the vacuum is suspended. The heat preservation furnace cover is placed on the bottom of the furnace, and the flue gas generated by burning coal in the coal burning room is heated for about 5 hours to 700-900 ° C. After 5 to 20 hours of heat preservation, the furnace cover is lifted and the fire-resistant concrete is lifted out of the furnace. Let it cool naturally and remove the charcoal powder. 

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