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Activated Carbon Can Also Effectively Prevent Radiation

Sep. 18, 2018

Friends who like to collect ancient books and calligraphy, they are often troubled by two things, that is, moisture and small books, damage their collections, I will teach them a secret, that is, just put a small packet of activated carbon in the cabinet. Because the structure of activated carbon is characterized by many pores, it has strong adsorption capacity, can be dehumidified and mildewproof, and the charcoal itself has the medicinal function of deworming sterilization (according to the "Compendium of Materia Medica"), so it can make precious Ancient books and paintings have always maintained their true colors and are safe and sound. In addition, placing a small packet of activated carbon in the medicine box at home can also protect against moisture and high temperature, and effectively preserve the drug, making it difficult to deteriorate.

In addition to the well-known Air Purifying Activated Carbon, purification of water is one of the advantages of activated carbon. Now people are advocating the consumption of pure water because they are worried about poor water quality. In fact, pure water lacks the essential trace elements of the human body, which is of little benefit to health. It is better to use activated carbon water purifier to purify tap water, which can completely meet the drinking standard.

In addition to indoor air pollution, electromagnetic radiation has always been a topic of concern. Experts say that the dense and porous nature of activated carbon allows it to absorb part of the electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, people can choose the mobile phone chain and mouse made of activated carbon. Pads, etc., can also be made of Powder Activated Carbon coated with carbon powder to make a mobile phone case, to a certain extent, can reduce the damage of electromagnetic waves to the body.

Remind the office workers who like to fish, if the work is busy and take care of the fish, the circulation pump outlet of the fish tank can be connected to the activated carbon water purifier, which can play the role of sterilization and purification of water, and can prolong the water change time. It can be extended to one week, and can be extended to three months in winter, without affecting the quality of life of the fish at all.

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