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Activated Carbon Selection Key Control Points

Sep. 14, 2018

The physical and chemical indicators of activated carbon include: iodine value, methylene blue adsorption value, pH value, strength, ash, heavy metal, moisture, heap ratio, mesh number and so on. Indicators that occur after contact with water: COD removal rate, residual chlorine removal rate, turbidity, TDS, pH change rate. Most companies pay more attention to iodine value when purchasing activated carbon, and often ignore the data of methylene blue adsorption value. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The level of iodine indicates the degree of development of Powder Activated Carbon micropores, and the corresponding activated carbon has the ability to adsorb small molecules in water, but the content of most organic substances in water is also very much.

The adsorption value of methylene blue indicates the degree of development of the central control and transition pores of activated carbon, which corresponds to the adsorption capacity of activated carbon for medium and large molecules, so manufacturers should not only pay attention to iodine value when purchasing activated carbon. Also pay attention to the adsorption value of methylene blue. The higher the corresponding data, the stronger the adsorption capacity of the activated carbon is.

There are many manufacturers who have not paid enough attention to the problem of pH. At present, the pickling process of Particles Activated Carbon is basically the way of hydrochloric acid invading and then neutralizing. The key point is whether the neutralization is thorough enough or not. The acid is thoroughly cleaned, and there is what is used in the water and whether it is pure water. If the above two points are not achieved, the quality of the activated carbon is difficult to ensure stability, and it will also affect the taste of the water in practical applications. Strength is very important, directly related to whether the water purifier will emit black water during use. There are two kinds of black water: one is the black water when the new machine is first used. The main reason is the floating ash attached to the new carbon. Generally, the backwashing can be solved. Generally, it will not be used in later use. When it appears, the time for backwashing is getting shorter and shorter. In the second case, due to the low strength of the activated carbon, the friction between the charcoal and the charcoal caused by the water pressure and the water flow during use causes the black carbon powder to be broken and the black powder is generated. This is troublesome and will always be or More or less black powder is produced, and the longer the use time, the more black powder is produced. When purchasing activated carbon, it is necessary to pay attention to the detection of strength. It is recommended that the strength should not be less than 97%.

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