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What Is The Role And Classification Of Activated Carbon?

Jan. 04, 2019

Many people know the name of activated carbon, but the real role and classification are not very well understood. Activated carbon belongs to man-made materials. Carbon molecular sieve is a kind of carbon with strong adsorption capacity. It is made by burning hardwood and shells into carbon in a closed container and adding voids. It has the functions of filtering gas and industrial decolorization. In practical applications, the main functions of activated carbon are divided into household Coal Activated Carbon, household air purification, activated carbon indoors to absorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde contained in the air, and the removal of odor and harmful substances in furniture. Removal of activated carbon from households Accidental activated carbon is also a highly demanding product in the industry. The fields of application include sewage treatment site exhaust adsorption, beverage water treatment, power plant water treatment vehicle exhaust gas purification, gas classification and the like. However, there are many varieties of environmentally friendly activated carbon.

There are methods to roughly distinguish between varieties.

First, according to the raw materials to distinguish.

Wood living carbon. Animal bone, blood carbon, etc.

Second, according to the manufacturing method.

Chemical carbon, physical activated carbon, etc.

Third, according to the shape of the shape.

Powdered activated carbon, Particles Activated Carbon, spherical activated carbon, etc.

Fourth, material classification

Wood activated carbon: activated carbon made of wood chips, charcoal, etc.

Activated carbon shell: activated carbon made from coconut shell, walnut shell, apricot shell, etc.

Coal Activated Carbon

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