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Granular Activated Carbon Ttreatment Process

Nov. 03, 2018

Granular activated carbon manufacturers, when using granular activated carbon water treatment, usually adopt fixed bed adsorption.

(1) In the activated carbon filter water treatment process, there are three ways to use the activated carbon filter. In the first type, the Particles Activated Carbon and the sand filter material constitute a double-layer filter material filter; the second type, all of which are composed of activated carbon particles; and the third, an activated carbon adsorption tank is built after the sand filter. Practice has proved that activated carbon adsorption is effective for removing organic and toxic substances in micro-polluted water, and the process is simple, economic and reliable. At present, many countries in the world use conventional treatment combined with granular activated carbon adsorption process to treat micro-polluted source water as an advanced treatment scheme for drinking water.

(2) Biological activated carbon filter After using the activated carbon filter or water purifier for a period of time, bacteria will multiply on the charcoal to form a biofilm. At this time, the function of the activated carbon filter moves from adsorption to biooxidation, and the activated carbon particles become the carrier of the biofilm. Organic pollutants are simultaneously adsorbed and biodegraded. Therefore, the biological activated carbon bed has two treatment functions, namely, not only the adsorption of activated carbon, but also the removal of biodegradable organic matter by biological activities in the carbon bed. Biological activities in activated carbon beds are always present, and it is generally advantageous to enhance biological activities. On the one hand, biological activities cause biodegradable organic matter in water bodies to be biodegraded, and on the other hand, desorbed degradable organic substances can be desorbed. After biodegradation, the adsorption site is restored - the activated carbon is bioregenerated, so that the adsorption and removal of non-biodegradable organic substances is increased, and the biological regeneration also prolongs the working cycle of the activated carbon.

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