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Five Points Should Be Paid Attention To When Using Activated Carbon

Aug. 31, 2018

1. Clean and remove activated carbon dust before use, otherwise these black dust may temporarily affect the cleanliness of water quality. However, fresh tap water is not recommended as the porous Particles Activated Carbon will destroy the water quality once it absorbs a large amount of chlorine in tap water and bleaching powder.

2, by simple cleaning at ordinary times, it is impossible to clean up the clogged debris in the porous medium of activated carbon. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the activated carbon regularly, so as to prevent the activated carbon from losing its efficacy due to "adsorption saturation". And the best time to replace it is not to wait until it fails to replace, so as to ensure that activated carbon can continuously remove harmful substances in the water quality of the aquarium. It is recommended to change 1-2 times a month!

3. The efficiency of activated carbon treatment of water quality is related to the amount of treatment, usually "the amount of water treatment effect is relatively good".

4. After the quantitative Activated Carbon For Drinking Water is used, the change of water quality should be observed regularly in the initial stage of use, and the observation results should be paid attention to as the judgment basis of how long the activated carbon is invalid and replaced.

5, in the use of the treatment of fish disease agents, the activated carbon should be temporarily removed and suspended. In order to avoid drug adsorption by activated carbon and reduce the therapeutic effect.

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