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Preparation And Modification Of Granular Activated Carbon

Aug. 23, 2018

The amorphous activated carbon is Crushing Particles Coal Activated Carbon and does not need to be formed, and the shaped granular coal activated carbon must be made of raw coal powder plus agglomerating agent, reinforcing agent, moisture, etc., after thorough mixing, kneading, rolling, plasticizing and extrusion molding. Dry granulation. The most common preparation of cylindrical particles is by extruding a plastic paste through a nozzle to obtain round-shaped particles of the desired size. The properties of the forming Particles Activated Carbon depend on the fineness of the material, sufficient kneading, rolling and plasticizing, and also on the extrusion strength, the opening ratio and the pore diameter of the die, and the general opening ratio is below 12%. The disc rolling granulator is also used, which is divided into solid granulation and hollow granulation. Both of them are made of core immersion m-bonding material, and the material core is thermally decomposed into hollow by volatile chemicals. Spherical activated carbon, but the strength of the activated carbon is poor, generally determined by the rotation speed and inclination angle of the disc, and depending on the number of times of the impregnation, the briquetting method can be divided into a briquetting forming method and There are two types of high-strength non-bonding agents, and the latter generally uses a higher pressure.

However, especially important for the former is the physicochemical properties of coal and binders. The greater the similarity of these components, the stronger the combination. In view of this, coal pitch is the most suitable cementing agent for lignite, which can achieve high mechanical strength. However, the mechanical strength of the particles is not the only property, and their chemical reactivity is also important to promote the development of a developed microporous structure during the activation phase. Therefore, the use of coal tar pitch featuring low reactivity is also problematic. In this regard, wood asphalt is used as a binder to ensure both sufficient mechanical strength and high particle reactivity.

Particles Activated Carbon

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