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Why Does The Pore Size Of Activated Carbon Affect Adsorption?

Nov. 09, 2018

Industry Grade Activated Carbon has a prosperous pore layout, and in addition to activated carbon molecular sieves, the pore size distribution is relatively large. Therefore, it is possible to adsorb various substances having different molecular sizes, but the selective adsorption separation is inferior. When the size of the adsorbate molecule is adapted to the pore size of the activated carbon, it is favorable for adsorption. Generally speaking, when the pore radius of the activated carbon is 2 to 4 times larger than the radius of the adsorbate molecule, it is most favorable for adsorption. Compared to other adsorbents, activated carbon has an infinite proportion of surface area and exceptionally prolific micropores. Generally, the specific surface area of activated carbon is as high as 500-1700 m~/g, which is the main reason for the strong adsorption capacity of activated carbon and large adsorption capacity. Of course, the same amount of char than the external surface, the adsorption capacity of the same substance is sometimes different, which is related to the inner pore layout and dispersion of activated carbon and the appearance of chemical properties. Generally, the activated carbon which is prosperous in the transition hole is favorable for liquid phase adsorption, because the liquid molecules are relatively large, and the activated carbon which is prosperous in micropores is favorable for gas phase adsorption. Since the pore size of the pores before and after the nanometer scale is prosperous, the low-concentration vapor which is exposed to the activated carbon is condensed by capillary condensation in the pores of the activated carbon, and becomes liquid filled in the pores. The concentration of the gas phase which is heated and lowered in contact with the activated carbon may be impregnated with a solvent, and the substance adsorbed on the activated carbon may undergo reversible desorption.

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