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How to Identify The Quality Of Activated Carbon?

May. 24, 2018

Food Activated Carbon and Chemistry Activated Carbon are widely used in our daily life. Do you know how to identify them?

First, put activated carbon in water to see if it will produce bubbles

Put the activated carbon in water, if it produces a series of small bubbles, and there are sounds of bubbles, it shows that the activated carbon adsorption capacity, quality is particularly good.

Second, put the activated carbon in your hand and feel its weight

High-quality activated carbon is an activated carbon with strong adsorption capacity, and activated carbon with strong adsorption capacity must have many pores in order to facilitate the absorption of harmful substances in the air. Therefore, high-quality activated carbon has a lighter touch. If you buy a special type of activated carbon, it shows that its adsorption capacity is not strong.

Third, the active carbon is placed in a colored liquid, to see if the liquid color will become shallow

High-quality activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity, can make the color of colored liquids become lighter or even become colorless, so when the owner buys activated carbon, he can use the sample to test and put the activated carbon into a bottle of liquid with drops of black ink. In the middle, after 20 minutes of standing, it was observed whether the color of the black liquid became lighter, the lighter the color became, and the stronger the adsorption ability of activated carbon was.

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