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Application Of Honeycomb Activated Carbon In Practice

Feb. 25, 2019

1. Characteristics of water resistant activated carbon products

The water-resistant activated carbon has a large area, a microporous structure, a high adsorption capacity, and a high surface activated carbon product, and is widely used in air pollution control. The water-resistant activated carbon adsorption method is adopted, that is, the exhaust gas is in contact with the porous activated carbon having a large surface, and the pollutants in the exhaust gas are adsorbed and decomposed, thereby purifying.

2, water resistant activated carbon instructions

To control air pollution, Air Purification Coconut Shell Activated Carbon is used. When using water-resistant activated carbon, high temperature should be avoided as high temperature, because the high temperature will reduce the adsorption amount, and the adsorption effect will decrease due to the temperature rise. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid high dust content in the gas, because the tar dust mist will block the pores of the activated carbon, increase the wind resistance, and reduce the adsorption effect. In this case, it is necessary to install a dust filter device in front of the water-resistant activated carbon to improve the efficiency and service life. .

(1) The key place is the source of pollution and the place where people often move. The Honeycomb Activated Carbon adsorption package is directly placed in the cabinet of the wardrobe, shoe cabinet, book cabinet, kitchen cabinet, etc. in the living room; the computer, the desk, the coffee table, the sofa, and other places where people often move, and any other places that need to purify the air. . Honeycomb activated carbon is a passive purification material. It must rely on air as a medium to absorb harmful substances in the air, but indoor air flow is poor. Honeycomb activated carbon is difficult to capture harmful substances in the air far away in a short time, so it is used for small Range and small space use best.

(2) It is better to place the space within 180 cm. Indoor harmful gas, taking formaldehyde as an example, its specific gravity is greater than air, so the pollutants in the middle and lower parts of the indoor space are the most serious. This height is equivalent to the height of the human body, so it is the best placement height.


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