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The History Of The Development Of Activated Carbon

Jul. 11, 2018

Activated carbon is a very good adsorbent. It uses charcoal, various shells and high-quality coal as raw materials to crush, sieving, catalyst activation, rinsing, drying and screening of raw materials through physical and chemical methods. It is manufactured by a series of processes. The reputation of activated carbon is from the beginning of the First World War.

In 1915, during the First World War, the Germans used a terrible new weapon, the chemical gas chlorine, 180,000 kilograms to the British and French coalition forces. British and French soldiers have killed and injured many people. Two weeks later, military scientists invented a weapon to protect against chlorine poisoning. They sent a special mask to each soldier on the front line. The mask was made of cotton soaked with sodium thiosulfate and sodium carbonate solution. Both drugs have the function of removing chlorine and can play a protective role. But if the enemy switched to the second poison gas, the mask would be powerless. The same is true, so it is necessary to find a substance that will make any poison gas lose its toxicity. This bait's antidote was discovered by scientists in late 1915. It is activated carbon.

In 1917, activated carbon was installed in the gas masks of both warring parties, and the degree of damage to the warring soldiers was greatly reduced. In Germany during the Second World War, the first use of mustard gas triggered a gas war, and people began to seek ways to avoid the poison gas, which is widely used in war because it can effectively prevent poison gas. With the advent of the global cold war, Industry Grade Activated Carbon has entered the lives of ordinary people from war. It has always been a major contributor to sewage treatment plants and hospitals.

In 2002, the black diamond gold-black carbon block-like seamless activated carbon was born, and its appearance made up for the world blank of activated carbon molding. It made the use of activated carbon a big step. The black diamond gold black carbon was refined by the world's leading molding technology. Cheng, while retaining a very high adsorption value, the black diamond gold and black charcoal is made into decorative crafts, making its classical temperament and introverted charm vividly displayed.

In the atypical pneumonia epidemic in 2003, activated carbon became the first choice for medical staff and even ordinary citizens to prevent SARS because of its excellent efficacy (activated carbon mask). However, activated carbon has always been Powdered Activated Carbon or granular. It is restricted by factors such as its difficulty in storage, short-acting, and easy to be contaminated. The molding technology of activated carbon has always been a major problem in the world. They are all leading China in the field of activated carbon, and we are once again in front of us.

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