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The Difference Between Fruit Shell And Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

Jul. 25, 2018

Some users have asked what is the difference between Fruit Shell Activated Carbon and coconut shell activated carbon? In fact, coconut shell activated carbon is one of the shell activated carbon. Shell activated carbon covers a wide range of coconut shells, peach shells, apricot shells, date shells, walnut shells and so on. Just like fruit, but the fruit is included, coconut shell, peach, walnut, apricot, jujube, pineapple, orange, cantaloupe are all fruit-like.

The shell activated carbon is made of walnut shell, peach shell, apricot shell and oil tea shell. It is processed by crushing, polishing, steaming and screening. The appearance is lustrous and brown. The filter material has strong toughness, wear resistance and pressure resistance, strong adsorption capacity, anti-oil immersion, no agglomeration and no rot, and is a wide choice for oilfield, smelting, environmental protection and other industries.

Coconut shell activated carbon is a kind of water treatment filter material which is made of coconut shell as raw material and finished by series production process. It has the advantages of good wear resistance, developed gap, high adsorption performance, high strength, easy regeneration, economical and durable, etc. It has excellent effect on pure water and high purity water.

In general, the difference between the shell activated carbon and the coconut shell activated carbon is not large, that is, the iodine value after the material and the final product are concentrated. Relatively speaking, the iodine value of the coconut shell activated carbon is higher than the iodine value of the shell activated carbon. The rest is no different. However, if it is used for drinking water filtration, Fruit Shell Activated Carbon Production Plant would recommend using coconut shell activated carbon. After all, the iodine value is high and the effect of filtration is good.

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