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Adsorption Of Harmful Gases By Fruit Shell Activated Carbon

Aug. 03, 2018

Activated carbon for Air Purification has a strong adsorption capacity for high boiling organic compounds. Such as sarin (boiling point 1581 ° C with highly toxic phosphorus-containing compounds, neurotoxic agents), even at very low concentrations, Fruit Shell Activated Carbon has a strong adsorption capacity.

The experimental test selected the shell carbon powder thickness of 3.0cm, when the specific speed is 1.0L / (min.cm2) (substantially equivalent to the maximum inhalation rate of the 60-90cm2 filter tank when used) When the defense against 0.05 mg/L of sarin vapor is achieved, the instantaneous penetration concentration reaches 1*10-6 mg/, which is safe enough for the personnel; and if the granular activated carbon is used, under the same conditions, even if the thickness of the carbon layer is only 1.5cm, the instantaneous transmission concentration is only 6*-7mg/L (below the allowable concentration), which is equal to 3.0cm large granular carbon (under the same conditions), therefore, theoretically, when the thin layer of carbon When absorbing the phosphorus-containing poison steam, it is preferred to use a smaller particle of activated carbon.

The adsorption of low-boiling organic compounds (such as ethyl chloride, boiling point 12.2 ° C) by shell activated carbon is far worse. Very low boiling point such as trifluoronitrosomethane (the former Soviet union   called "Φ1" penetrating agent) has no adsorption capacity and requires special treatment.

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