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Fruit Shell Activated Carbon For Sewage Treatment

Apr. 13, 2018

Fruit shell activated carbon is used for water purification and wastewater treatment. Microfiltration is a precision filtration technology. Its aperture range is generally 0.05~I0//m, which is between conventional filtration and ultrafiltration. It belongs to the purpose of using pressure as the driving force to achieve the separation and concentration, without phase change and transfer of interface quality. Conventional filtering makes a difference. Conventional filtration is generally divided into deep filtration and sieve filtration. The media it uses, such as paper, asbestos, fiberglass, ceramics, cloth, felt, etc., are porous bodies with extremely poor pore shapes, wide distribution of pore diameters, and inability to identify the pore size of the particles. It is trapped by the trapped inside of the medium. The retention rate B6 is reduced by the pressure, the medium is thick, and the particles are scattered and used for general filtration.

Fruit Shell Activated Carbon For Sewage Treatment

The filter media used for microfiltration has a screen-like structure and is formed from natural or synthetic polymeric materials. Fruit shell activated carbon has a more regular porous structure. The pore size distribution is more uniform.

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