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What Is The Internal Structure Of The Shell Activated Carbon?

Dec. 21, 2018

The internal structure of the Fruit Shell Activated Carbon is what it is. People who know the ability of the shell activated carbon are very curious about it. A small amount of carbon black is so big that it can not only absorb the exhaust gas but also purify the water source. The most amazing thing is that it can also be used for discoloration. It is known that the performance of the shell activated carbon is derived from its pores, and the internal structure of the shell activated carbon is exactly what it is.

The inside of the shell activated carbon is composed of countless small holes, like a wormhole drilled by small insects on a wooden board, but still can not match the pore density inside the shell activated carbon. The most vivid metaphor is that the internal structure of the shell activated carbon is like a honeycomb, and the pores extend in all directions, and are evenly distributed in large and small sizes. During the adsorption process, these pores filter impurities to achieve a purification effect. However, in order to form such a rich pore structure, it is not a simple carbonization. The manufacturer selects the shell material with higher hardness and crushes it into a granule with uniform particle size, then sifts out the smaller or larger particles to avoid excessive ash. The most critical step after carbonization ,activation. After activation, the raw material of the shell is truly activated by the shell. The activation is by the manufacturer through various special processes, or chemical processes, or physical processes, the pores inside the shell material are again expanded and increased again. Reduced by a third, the adsorption performance increased by two-thirds.

The internal structure of the shell activated carbon determines its value in the water purification industry. Now more industries are introducing shell-shell activated carbon for application. The printing and dyeing industry introduces shell-shell activated carbon into a Powder Activated Carbon bleaching agent, which has a good decolorizing effect. The environmental pollution of the discharged pigment wastewater is minimized.

Fruit Shell Activated Carbon

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