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Shell Activated Carbon For Wastewater Treatment

Sep. 29, 2018

The Fruit Shell Activated Carbon is used in a wide range, and it is used in various industries such as industrial sewage and wine to remove impurities in water and discharge it to the standard.

Because the shell activated carbon has high requirements for water pretreatment, and the cost of activated carbon is expensive, in the Activated Carbon For Water Treatment , activated carbon is mainly used to remove trace contaminants in the wastewater to achieve the purpose of deep purification.

1. Activated carbon treatment of cyanide-containing wastewater. In industrial production, gold and silver wet extraction, chemical fiber production, coking, ammonia synthesis, electroplating, gas production and other industries use cyanide or by-product cyanide, so in the production process must emit a certain amount of cyanide Waste water.

2. Activated carbon treats mercury-containing wastewater. Activated carbon has the property of adsorbing mercury and mercury-containing compounds, but has limited adsorption capacity and is only suitable for treating wastewater with low mercury content. If the concentration of mercury is high, it can be treated by chemical precipitation first. After treatment, it contains about 1 mg/L of mercury, and when it is high, it can reach 2-3 mg/L, and then it is further treated with activated carbon.

3. Activated carbon treatment of phenol-containing wastewater. Phenol-containing wastewater is widely used in petrochemical plants, resin plants, coking plants and refinery plants. It has been proved by experiments that the adsorption performance of activated carbon on phenol is good, the temperature increase is not conducive to adsorption, and the adsorption capacity is reduced; but the time to increase the adsorption equilibrium is shortened. The optimum amount of activated carbon and adsorption time existed. Under acidic and neutral conditions, the removal rate did not change much. Under strong alkaline conditions, the removal rate of phenol decreased sharply. The stronger the basicity, the worse the adsorption effect.

Fruit Shell Activated Carbon

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