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Better Effect Of Using Fruit Shell Activated Carbon In Dyeing Wastewater

Nov. 12, 2018

The development of the textile industry has led to the development of dyestuffs. Queries show that the world's annual production of dyes has exceeded 10,000 tons, of which 2% is directly into the water and discharged in the form of wastewater, and 10% is lost in the subsequent textile dyeing process. The waste water of dyestuffs has many treatment methods, such as oxidation, membrane separation, Fruit Shell Activated Carbon adsorption, biodegradation, flocculation and so on.

How do we tell the true and false fruit shell activated carbon? These methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The adsorbent is a kind of porous material, which uses the adsorbent to remove pollutants in wastewater. The product has a large specific surface area. Activated carbon from fruit shell is one of the most useful adsorbent products, which can be used to remove the chroma of wastewater as well as. The dyestuff wastewater treated by fruit-shell activated carbon products has been discussed at home and abroad, but most of them are coupled with other processes. The adsorption of fruit-shell activated carbon products is mostly used for deep treatment or as carriers and catalysts. The treatment of fruit-shell activated carbon products alone is comparable to that of fruit-shell activated carbon products. There are few studies on high concentration dye wastewater.

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