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Do You Know Medicinal Activated Carbon?

Apr. 19, 2018

The medicinal activated carbon is mainly used for the decolorization of the solution in the pharmaceutical process and adsorbs impurities and small-molecule heavy metals in the solution. The most important feature of medicinal activated carbon is the fast color removal, strong adsorption capacity, advanced pore structure, and large pore size, which can effectively absorb the pigment in the solution and reduce the impurities in the solution without affecting the concentration and drug properties of the other components of the solution. Medicinal activated carbon is made of high-quality wood as raw material, and its appearance is powder. The medicinal activated carbon is made of high-temperature carbonization, activation and various processes to refine the wood activated carbon. It has large specific surface area, high activity, well-developed micropores, strong decolorization power, and large pore structure. Such characteristics, large pore structure, can have a greater variety of substances, impurities such as the color of the adsorbed liquid.

Medicinal Activated Carbon

Wood powdered activated carbon (medicinal grade) is mainly used for decolorization of vitamin C and other raw materials, strong decolorization, fast filtration, and suitable for decolorization and refining of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, Chinese and Western medicines. And has absorption of intestinal bacteria, detoxification.We are Medicinal Activated Carbon Manufacturer in China. Any needs pls contact to us.

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