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Development Trend Of Exhaust Gas Treatment Purifier

Jul. 04, 2018

Now, the removal of low-concentration organic waste gas by plasma has become one of the most important development directions and frontier research topics in the world. The ionic organic waste gas purifier, which meets the effect of meeting the environmental protection part when handling the organic waste gas containing toluene. It is well known that toluene is a major chemical raw material and organic solvent, and is widely used in industrial and agricultural production. Due to the feasibility of the method, the cost of work, the cost of equipment investment, and secondary pollution, appropriate treatment should be used. At present, the treatment methods for organic waste gas mainly include adsorption method, catalytic combustion method, Air Purifying Activated Carbon adsorption + catalytic combustion method. The removal of organic waste gas by the plasma method has the advantages of less capital contribution, convenient handling, high processing efficiency, and no secondary pollution.

The usual "triphenyl" waste gas treatment usually uses combustion and cracking as well as variant processes. The application results show that the processing skills of the plasma organic waste gas purifier have practical application value and implementation value for China Particle Activated Carbon Factory. Toluene is a colorless liquid at normal temperature, which is very easy to evaporate. Its steam is very irritating to both eyes, respiratory tract and skin. When inhaled toluene vapor at a concentration of 375-750mg/m3 for 8 hours, it will cause fatigue, disgust and illusion. Symptoms such as loss of activity, general weakness, headache, etc.; long-term inhalation may result in death due to central paralysis of the respiratory organs. The concentration of toluene in industrial gases delineated in China must be less than 60 mg/m3.

Plasma organic waste gas purifier is a new type of high-efficiency exhaust gas treatment organic waste gas purification equipment, which changes the skill and skill of using activated carbon data, no need to regenerate raw materials, no need for special personnel, no secondary pollution, replacement and protection of maintenance convenience.

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