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Decolorization of Activated Carbon in Pharmaceutical Process

Jun. 20, 2018

Activated carbon is black powder or granular amorphous carbon, and the main components are oxygen, hydrogen and other elements in addition to carbon. Medicinal activated carbon uses wood, charcoal, etc. as raw materials, and is produced by chemical or physical activation techniques, and after the treatment of scientific formula refined powdered activated carbon. The use of medicinal activated carbon: widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, fine chemicals and so on. Details information about industry grade activated carbon can be found on our website.

The biggest characteristic of medicinal activated carbon is its fast color removal, strong adsorption capacity, advanced pore structure, and large pores, which can effectively absorb the pigment in the medicine and reduce the impurities of the medicine without affecting the concentration and medicinal properties of the other ingredients of the medicine.

Industrial Decolourizing Activated Carbon

Activated carbon in the heating process of polysaccharide extraction, sucrose and other caramelization will occur, the formation of pigment, so that the color of the extract is deepened, affecting the quality of polysaccharides. There are many methods to remove the color of polysaccharides, and the most commonly used in the industry is activated carbon. Industrial decolourizing activated carbon is very useful.

The main role of pharmaceutical activated carbon is to remove black, red, brown, yellow, light yellow, pyrogen, etc. Black, brown and red means that the removed impurities have a relatively large molecular weight and require activated carbon to have more macropores. If it is to remove yellow, light yellow, pyrogen, etc., it needs a larger surface area of activated carbon.

When activated carbon decolorizes, it also dissolves impurities and contaminates the product. If customers are familiar with their own products, we can choose activated carbon with low iron content and high activity, so as to reduce the amount of activated carbon and reduce the amount of iron as much as possible.

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