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Application Of Column Coal Activated Carbon In Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Aug. 01, 2018

As people begin to pay attention to environmental protection, activated carbon has been used more and more daily. These activated carbons can effectively purify the pollutants in the air and purify the water quality of drinking water, so that our indoor environment can be changed. Fresh, let our drinking water become safer and absorb the harmful substances in the air and water. In addition to this activated carbon, there is also an activated carbon commonly used in industry, in which Column Coal Activated Carbon is mainly used.

Coal-based activated carbon is made of high-quality coal as raw material. It has been developed through carbonization, cooling, activation, scrubbing and other processes. Its appearance is black cylindrical activated carbon, amorphous coal granular activated carbon, also known as broken carbon. Powder Coal Activated Carbon, also called columnar carbon, is generally produced by kneading a powdery raw material and a binder, and then carbonizing and activating. It can also be kneaded by powdered activated carbon plus a binder. It has a prosperous pore structure, outstanding adsorption function, high mechanical strength, easy re-regeneration, and low cost. It is used for purification of toxic gases, waste gas treatment, industrial and domestic water purification treatment, solvent recovery and so on.

The coal-based columnar activated carbon is made of high-quality anthracite as raw material, and is processed with advanced technology. The appearance is black cylindrical particles: it has reasonable pore structure, outstanding adsorption function, high mechanical strength and easy regenerative regeneration.

Columnar activated carbon is mainly used for purification of wastewater from chemical, metallurgical, food, paint and other occupations. Columnar activated carbon treatment of industrial wastewater is the use of its physical and chemical methods, first through the adsorption of activated carbon, membrane separation and ions. Exchange methods and the like to treat harmful substances in industrial wastewater. The coal-based columnar activated carbon is manufactured through various processing procedures. The pore structure of the activated carbon is particularly prosperous, so it has a particularly strong adsorption capacity. Therefore, many sewage treatment plants and water purification plants select columnar activated carbon.

Column Coal Activated Carbon

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