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What Are The Functions Of Activated Carbon In Fish Tanks?

Aug. 28, 2018

Activated carbon is not necessarily present in all filter materials of fish tank, but many of its functions are not found in other filter materials. Today we will talk about the role of activated carbon in fish tank.

Like other auxiliary products, there are many kinds of activated carbon in our daily life. For example, Column Coal Activated Carbon is made by carbonization, cooling, activation, washing and a series of operations in various factories with high-quality coal as the main raw material. The cylindrical activated carbon of carbon is made by mixing, extruding, carbonizing and activating fine powdered raw materials and binders.

It has many characteristics, such as well-developed pore structure, excellent adsorption performance, easy to recycle, high mechanical strength and other characteristics, of course, generally speaking, the cost of this kind of activated carbon is relatively low, so it is more practical, in cylindrical fish tank also has a good application.

So how do the general Water Filter Export Enterprise use the activated carbon filter, specifically, it is installed in the top of the aquarium, through the underwater submersible pump pumping effect, the water in the fish tank over and over again to the cylinder, after several layers of activated carbon and other filters installed in the filter tank The water in the fish tank is very clear.

In addition, with the help of this design of activated carbon filter, the water flow in the cylindrical fish tank will be very obvious, thus further improving the simulation landscape in the fish tank.

One of the greatest benefits of activated carbon is to reduce the fishy smell of the fish bowl has a very good effect, and often consult the fish bowl fishy friends can try this method.

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