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Identification Method Of The Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

Jan. 25, 2019

Because Coconut Shell Activated Carbon is much more expensive than coal-based activated carbon, and the activated carbon material of the product is generally not easily recognized by the general public. In the market, unscrupulous sellers often use the weakness of consumers' inability to identify materials. They use coal-based activated carbon as a coconut shell activated carbon for sale. This phenomenon is more serious in both civilian and industrial categories.

The Fruit Shell Activated Carbon Factory gave the following simple ways to distinguish them.

1. Coconut shell activated carbon belongs to the category of shell activated carbon. Its main feature is low density and light hand feeling. The weight in the hand is significantly lighter than that of coal activated carbon. The same amount of activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon volume is generally larger than coal-based activated carbon.

2. Coconut shell activated carbon shape is generally broken granular, flake, and molded activated carbon, such as columnar, spherical activated carbon, mostly coal charcoal.

3. Due to the small density of coconut shell activated carbon, light hand, it can put activated carbon into the water, coal charcoal generally sinks faster, while coconut shell activated carbon floats in water for a longer time, with the activated carbon adsorption water molecules reach full Intensify the weight of itself and gradually sink into the bottom of the water. When the activated carbon sinks into the bottom, you will see that each activated carbon is wrapped with a small bubble outside, which is crystal clear and very interesting.

4. Coconut shell activated carbon is a small molecular pore structure, the activated carbon is placed in the water, when the water molecules are adsorbed, there will be many very fine blisters (visible to the naked eye), and the scales are constantly floating to the surface. 

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

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