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What Factors Affect The Performance Of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon?

Jan. 08, 2019

What factors affect the performance of coconut shell activated carbon? According to the Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Manufacturer, the pores of coconut shell activated carbon directly affect the adsorption capacity of the product. Why?

The surface chemistry and pore composition of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon will affect the migration and diffusion rate of organic substances in the pores of activated carbon products, and make the adsorption of organic substances by activated carbon products have certain selectivity.

If the raw material of the activated carbon product has a wide pore distribution structure by carbonization, the activated carbon product produced also has a large specific surface area and a pore volume, and the activated carbon product of the coconut shell raw material and the activated carbon product of the coal type In comparison, the pore size is mainly concentrated in a place with a small pore size, and the pores having a large pore size are small. If it is also a coal-based activated carbon, an activated carbon product produced from a lignite and peat having a lower degree of coalification has a tendency to form a large number of intermediate pores.

The adsorption capacity of coconut shell activated carbon products for organic substances does not increase with increasing temperature. On the contrary, the increase of temperature leads to an increase in the energy of the adsorbed molecules, resulting in an increase in the desorption property of the adsorbed molecules. It is not conducive to the adsorption of activated carbon products, so that the adsorption capacity of coconut shell activated carbon products decreases. The main reason is that the adsorption of organic matter by coconut shell activated carbon is mainly the physical adsorption of highly developed pore surface area, and the adsorption force is intermolecular. It is not required to be adsorbed when the adsorbed molecules are required to reach a certain activation like chemisorption.

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