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The Advantages Of Coal Quality Spherical Activated Carbon Filter Material

Oct. 20, 2018

The coal-like spherical activated carbon filter material has a gray-black spherical shape or an ellipsoidal shape. Spherical activated carbon is produced by pulverizing, mixing, spherulating, drying, carbonizing and activating high-quality lignite or anthracite, binders and catalysts. Has a large specific surface area and void mechanism. High mechanical strength and good desulfurization performance. High sulfur capacity, low application resistance and uniform airflow distribution.

Coal-like spherical activated carbon filter material is widely used to purify H2S and some organic sulfides in semi-water gas, raw gas natural gas, oil gas, gas, and carbon dioxide gas.

Coal spherical activated carbon filter material specification: 1-3-5-8mm

Spherical activated carbon filter material Note:

1. During the transportation process, the activated carbon filter material is prevented from being mixed with hard materials. It is not allowed to step on or step on to prevent the carbon particles from breaking and affecting the quality. 2. Storage It should be stored in porous adsorbent, so it should be absolutely prevented from water immersion during transportation, storage and use. After water immersion, a large amount of water is filled with active voids, making it useless. 3, to prevent tar substances In the course of use, tar substances should be prohibited from being brought into the activated carbon filter bed, so as not to block the voids of the activated carbon filter material, so that it loses its adsorption. It is best to have a decoking device to purify the gas. 4. When the fire-retardant activated carbon filter material is stored or transported, it should be prevented from direct contact with the fire source to prevent the ignition and the regeneration of the activated carbon filter material from avoiding oxygen and regenerating thoroughly. After regeneration, steam cooling must be reduced to below 80 °C, otherwise the temperature is high. In case of oxygen, the activated carbon filter material is self-igniting.

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