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What Is The Use Efficiency Of Columnar Activated Carbon?

Feb. 15, 2019

At present, the factory generally adopts the Coal Column Activated Carbon adsorption method: the exhaust gas is adsorbed by the columnar activated carbon. After the adsorption is saturated, the columnar activated carbon is desorbed and regenerated, the exhaust gas is blown off, catalytically combusted, and converted into harmless substance, and the columnar activated carbon after regeneration is continuously used. When the Gas Purifying Activated Carbon is regenerated to a certain number of times, the adsorption capacity is significantly reduced, and it is necessary to regenerate or renew the columnar activated carbon. At this point, it should be noted that waste activated carbon is a hazardous waste and cannot be disposed of at will. It should be collected and disposed of by professional hazardous waste recycling units.

Columnar activated carbon is made of high quality anthracite as raw material, refined by advanced technology, and has black cylindrical particles. It has reasonable pore structure, good adsorption performance, high mechanical strength, easy repeated regeneration and low cost. It is used for toxic. Gas purification, waste gas treatment, purification of industrial and domestic water, painting industry, etc.

Columnar activated carbon adsorption is one of the effective methods for treating low concentration VOCs. It uses activated carbon to adsorb VOCs in the gas, and the purified gas is discharged into the atmosphere. Commonly used are columnar activated carbon and granular activated carbon. Due to the low price of columnar activated carbon and good adsorption effect, it is a commonly used adsorbent in many painting industries.

Coal Column Activated Carbon

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