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Classification of Activated Carbon

Mar. 19, 2018

Due to different sources of raw materials, manufacturing methods, appearance shapes and different applications, there are many types of environmental activated carbon. There are no accurate statistical materials so far, and there are about a thousand varieties.

According to the material:

Coconut shell activated carbon, fruit shell activated carbon (including apricot shell activated carbon, core and shell activated carbon, walnut shell activated carbon), wood activated carbon, coal activated carbon.

According to raw material source:

1. Wood activated carbon 2. Animal bone, blood charcoal 3. Mineral raw material activated carbon 4. Other raw materials of activated carbon 5. Regenerated activated carbon

Coconut shell activated carbon

According to the manufacturing method:

1. Chemical activated carbon (chemical carbon) 2. Physical activated carbon 3. Chemical-physical or physical-chemical activated carbon

According to appearance shape points:

1. Powdered Activated Carbon 2. Granular Activated Carbon 3. Unshaped Activated Carbon 4. Cylindrical Activated Carbon 5. Spherical Activated Carbon 6. Other Shapes of Activated Carbon

According to the aperture:

The macropore radius is >20 000 nm, the transition hole radius is 150 to 20 000 nm, and the micropore radius is <150 nm. The surface area of activated carbon is mainly provided by micropores.

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