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Application of Fruit Shell Activated Carbon

Apr. 09, 2018

Fruit shell activated carbon is widely used in the deep purification of drinking water, industrial water and wastewater, and gas phase adsorption, such as water purification of power plants, petrochemicals, oil refineries, food and beverage, sugar refining, pharmaceuticals, electronics, fish farming, shipping and other industries. Fruit shell activated carbon can effectively adsorb free chlorine, phenol, sulfur and other organic pollutants in water, especially the precursors of mutagenic substances (THM), to achieve purification and impurity elimination. Fruit shell activated carbon can also be used for industrial exhaust gas purification, gas desulfurization, oil catalytic reforming, gas separation, pressure swing adsorption, air drying, food preservation, gas masks, media carrier, industrial solvent filtration, decolorization, purification and so on.

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Fruit shell activated carbon

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