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Application of Activated Carbon in Painting Workshop

Jun. 22, 2018

In this news, we will introduce the application of waste gas treatment activated carbon in painting workshop. You will know more about the air purification activated carbon.

The commonly used methods for the treatment of exhaust gases in the paint shop are: direct combustion, liquid absorption, and activated carbon adsorption. Because of the requirements for the re-use of resources, activated carbon adsorption and liquid absorption methods have received more research and applications. The liquid absorption method uses water or a mineral oil (such as silicone oil) as an absorbent according to whether the paint is an aqueous or solvent type, and improves the absorption efficiency. The most promising method of activated carbon adsorption is the use of activated carbon fiber mat (ACFC) as an adsorption medium, which is electrically heated and desorbed to recover organic solvents. Activated carbon adsorption method has strong economic applicability, is safe and reliable, and is not likely to cause secondary pollution. It is currently one of the most widely used methods.

Air Purification Activated Carbon

Painting is the most basic technical method used for surface protection and decoration of products. Painting operations cover all departments of the national economy, but the painting workshop is one of the major production sites for environmental pollution. In the air spray operation, 50% to 70% of the solvent-based paint flies away in the paint during the painting process. Most of the organic solvents in the coating volatilize to the atmosphere. The emission of harmful exhaust gas during painting is mainly concentrated on the spray paint production line. The spray booth, drying room and drying room are the main sources of exhaust gas. These exhaust gases not only cause serious damage to the environment, but staff members are prone to cause skin cancer and emphysema under long-term exhaust conditions, which seriously affects their health. Exhaust gas toxicity is also very strong, such as xylene, toluene, methyl ethyl ketone and so on. So the air purifying activated carbon is very important to us.

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