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Selection Of High Adsorption Air Purification Activated Carbon

Dec. 08, 2018

The Air Purifying Special Activated Carbon adsorption method for indoor pollution is one of the most widely used, most mature, safest, most reliable, and most absorbing substances. Although activated carbon has many varieties in appearance and use, it has a common characteristic, that is, "adsorption".

How to easily identify the adsorption value of activated carbon? At a glance, the density is as follows: the more the pores of the Coal Particles Activated Carbon, the higher the adsorption performance, the lower the density and the lighter the hand. Second, look at the bubble: put a small amount of activated carbon into the water, produce a series of extremely small bubbles, pull out a small bubble line, and at the same time emit a silky sound. The more intense this phenomenon occurs, the longer the duration, the better the adsorption of activated carbon. Third, look at the decolorization ability: put the activated carbon into the colored water, the amount should reach half or more of the water, the effect will be more obvious, after standing for 10 minutes to 20 minutes, compare with the comparative water sample, under the same conditions, the decolorization effect The stronger it is, the better the adsorption of activated carbon is.

Activated carbon with the same materials and uses, the inner pore size is also different. In general, the quality of high-quality activated carbon adsorption of harmful substances can be close to or even reach its own quality.

Air Purifying Special Activated Carbon

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