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The Role Of Activated Carbon In The Water Purifier And Air Purification Industry

Sep. 06, 2018

Each small package of Air Purifying Activated Carbon is equivalent to a small air purifier activated carbon filtration principle: activated carbon is a very small carbon particle, has a large surface area, and there are smaller pores in the carbon particles - capillary. The capillary has a strong adsorption capacity, and since the Coconut Shell Activated Carbon has a large surface area, it can be sufficiently contacted with a gas (impurity), and when these gases (impurities) hit the capillary, they are adsorbed and purify. The specific application of activated carbon in daily life is as follows

1. Decoration, deodorization and formaldehyde removal: a small package for m2 removal of activated carbon per m2 during decoration, which can regulate the air in the living room, remove the odor, remove the pollution, and absorb the ammonia, formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (vocal) emitted by the decorative materials. , benzene, toluene and other harmful chemical gases and can adjust the humidity of the living room;

3, aquarium water purification: put a small packet of Huajing activated carbon in the fish tank, can be chlorine, disinfection, purification of water;

4, anti-small anti-mildew: preserved paintings and calligraphy ancient books are most afraid of mold and insect bites, put a small package in the cabinet to repair the smell of activated carbon, you can make precious ancient paintings and calligraphy ancient books always maintain their true color, safe and sound;

5, drug preservation: put a small package in the home medicine box to repair the smell of activated carbon, you can effectively preserve the drug does not deteriorate;

6, indoor deodorization: the toilet, the kitchen, the refrigerator, the shoe cabinet, the shoe built a few packages to repair the smell of activated carbon, the smell, decoration and smell will disappear.

7, indoor environmental protection: in the newly renovated office buildings, offices, conference rooms, hotels, air-conditioned rooms, entertainment venues, new furniture, cars and other places put activated carbon decoration deodorant activated carbon, deodorization, odor removal, disinfection, formaldehyde removal, purification air.

8, furniture deodorization: furniture deodorization put on activated carbon, adsorption and catalytic function can easily let the mold no breeding space, not only solve the problem of mold, but also remove the hateful musty, furniture deodorant with activated carbon effect.

Air Purifying Activated Carbon

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