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Air Purification Carbon Selection

Jun. 15, 2018

Do you know how to choose air purifying activated carbon?

Air Purification Activated Carbon

1, The same weight, the greater the volume adsorption capacity

In order to improve the adsorption performance of activated carbon, only as many pore structures as possible are produced on activated carbon. The more voids, the more loose the activated carbon, the lighter the relative density will be. Therefore, a good activated carbon will feel lighter and be packed in the same weight. In the case of a good performance activated carbon will be much larger than the inferior activated carbon.

2, Shell carbon carbon coconut shell, high iodine value is good carbon.

The air purification charcoal gas is adsorbed by the adsorption capacity. Here, there is an important index of adsorption capacity—iodine value. The higher the iodine value is, the stronger the adsorption capacity is. The heat of frying is coconut shell carbon, but some coconut shell iodine values that are not activated or technically closed may not reach 500. The good air purification special high-grade fruit shell carbon iodine value of up to 800-1200, adsorption capacity to achieve first-class brand of air purification carbon effect. Except for some well-known brands whose effects have been certified, we should ask the seller to produce an iodine inspection report when purchasing most other air-purified charcoal.

3, Carbon package breathability is very important

Put the charcoal bag on the mouth and blow gas. If the gas can easily pass through the charcoal bag, it means that the charcoal bag has good air permeability. If the charcoal pack doesn't feel like it's moving, it's hard to pass through the air, and even the best charcoal in it doesn't make much sense. As a passively adsorbed product, the air must be able to penetrate to the deep layer of the charcoal, and the charcoal can play a good role in air purification and adsorption. In theory, tearing the charcoal into the tray and placing it directly in the tray may be the best way to pass the air. Of course, this way has a certain impact on the environment.

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