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Activated Carbon Use in Daily Life

Apr. 26, 2018

Air Purifying Activated Carbon, Chemistry Activated Carbon are often can be heard or seen. So what are the usefulness of activated carbon in daily life?

1. Save valuables

For some valuable items such as calligraphy and photographs or photographs, there are two main concerns in the maintenance process: mold and insects, which seriously damage the life of the collection.

Here, a honeycomb activated carbon can be placed around the collection. In addition to the good adsorption effect of the honeycomb activated carbon on the exhaust gas, dehumidification, mildew prevention and other effects can not be ignored, honeycomb activated carbon itself will not have any effect on precious calligraphy, will not degenerate, Moist, moldy, etc., is useful for the preservation of valuables such as calligraphy and painting.

Honeycomb activated carbon should not be limited to industrial applications alone.

Activated Carbon

2. Maintain human health

Indoor pollution is mainly caused by exhaust gas, formaldehyde, xylene car exhaust, odor and other substances. One of the biggest advantages of honeycomb activated carbon is that it has a good and stable adsorption effect on the above-mentioned gases that pose a threat to human health and maintain a healthy environment. In the living environment, the honeycomb activated carbon adsorption capacity is strong.

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