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The Role Of Activated Carbon In Household Water Purifiers

Jul. 27, 2018

In recent years, secondary pollution and poisoning incidents of tap water have been commonplace. In order to drink the water, many households installed a household water purifier. The water treatment method in the water purifier is relatively complicated, and it can be treated by a single treatment method, and also by a plurality of filter membranes and filter materials. However, from the technical point of view, it is inseparable from the activated carbon filtration.

What kind of water is called "good water." Natural good water must be colorless, tasteless, free of bacteria, viruses, no residual chlorine and chloroform, no residual pesticides and chemical organic matter, minerals (and weakly alkaline. Want to get "good water", clean water Multi-stage filter cartridges are often required. Household water purifiers are generally grade 4 or 5 grade filtration. The first stage is the filter element, also known as PP cotton, the second stage is Particles Activated Carbon, and the third stage is precision compressed activated carbon. The fourth stage is a reverse osmosis membrane or an ultrafiltration membrane, and the fifth stage is a post-activated activated carbon. Activated carbon and PP cotton can adsorb a part of organic matter, large particles and a small amount of heavy metal ions in the water, and filter out fine impurities in the water, but cannot Remove bacteria and viruses. Generally, PP cotton filters need to be replaced every 3 months, and activated carbon filters need to be replaced every 6 months.

The Powder Activated Carbon For Drinking Water does not have an absorption effect on very small suspended particles, and has a certain degree of adsorption effect on the residual chlorine generated by the water plant, has no adsorption effect on the hardness of the water, and does not have an adsorption effect on heavy metals. Activated carbon mainly adsorbs some soluble substances in water, and some organic substances remove the odor of water. The general water purifier is a combination of activated carbon and filter membrane. Granular activated carbon is a commonly used activated carbon in household water purifiers. After a period of time, the purified water activated carbon will be saturated, so it is advisable to replace the activated carbon in the water purifier regularly for three months to six months.

Powder Activated Carbon For Drinking Water

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