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Activated Carbon Plays An Important Role In Clean Water

Sep. 11, 2018

As the most broad-spectrum and most effective material for removing organic matter in water, activated carbon has good adsorption and stable chemical properties, can resist strong acid and alkali, can withstand the effects of water immersion, high temperature and high pressure, and is not easy to be broken. Because of its large specific surface area and strong adsorption capacity, it is widely used in the deep purification process of water treatment, as the main means to remove organic matter, color, taste and residual chlorine to improve the taste.

Activated Carbon For Water Treatment can adsorb most kinds of organic matter in water. Most of the organic matter is trapped on the surface of activated carbon, which can significantly reduce the COD value of water. When organic pollution becomes the main hazard, activated carbon becomes the umbrella for water quality to deal with various unknown organic pollution. . Activated carbon removes residual chlorine from the water. Activated carbon removes residual chlorine in water through redox reaction. The performance of this mechanism in practical application is that when the adsorption of activated carbon has become saturated, that is, the reduction of COD is not obvious, as long as the speed of water passing is controlled, the activated carbon is removed. Chlorine still has a good effect.

There are occasional bubbles and charcoal in the purified water of activated carbon. It is good for health. The water purifier with activated carbon filter is in use. Users occasionally find some bubbles or carbon powder in the water, and even worry about it. It is a normal phenomenon that is harmless to health. Generally, the water purifier with activated carbon as the filter material will generate bubbles in the water for a period of time after the new machine is turned on or after the filter material is replaced, especially the water purifier using high-quality coconut shell activated carbon as the filter material. Since Coconut Shell Activated Carbon is a very good adsorbent, the pore structure is very developed. When the new filter material is immersed in water, the large amount of air adsorbed in the developed pore size will be gradually replaced by water molecules, so a large amount of bubbles will be generated. This is a normal phenomenon and will disappear after standing for 10-15 seconds.

Activated Carbon For Water Treatment

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