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What Kind Of Activated Carbon Is Used For Decolorization Of Starch Sugar?

Aug. 15, 2018

In the sugar bleaching process, the current industry is generally decolorized by activated carbon. Activated carbon is widely used in the starch sugar industry because of its large specific surface area and extremely rich pore structure, which can effectively remove colored substances and odors in sugar liquid.

According to the different raw materials used in the production of activated carbon, it can be divided into three types: Coconut Shell Activated Carbon, Powder Coal Activated Carbon. Different kinds of activated carbon, due to the particularity of its processing technology, its surface area and pore structure are different. Even if the activated carbon of the same variety adopts different processing techniques, its specific surface area and pore size distribution are not the same, so the adsorption effect is exhibited. There will also be significant differences, and it is important to choose an activated carbon that is both economical and has the best decolorization effect. Both coal-based activated carbon and coconut shell activated carbon can be used for decolorization in the starch sugar industry. We need to study the difference between these two kinds of activated carbon in the decolorization application of sugar liquid. For the starch sugar industry, when choosing activated carbon for decolorization, according to its own process The characteristics are tailored to meet the requirements of the decolorized activated carbon to provide the basis.

Phosphate method coconut shell activated carbon molasses value of up to 1000 or more, but its wear value is low, about 78-80%. The activated carbon used in the starch sugar industry should focus on the value of the molasses (the subsequent decolorization performance test further proves that the decolorization rate is inseparable from the molasses value). The higher the molasses value, the lower the strength and wear value, and the greater the loss of carbon. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively consider these three constraints.

The floating matter of coal charcoal is close to 0, but the phosphoric acid method has more floating shells of coconut shell carbon, and there are insoluble carbon powder and particles. There is one sample of floating particles in the physical coconut shell charcoal. This float is a carbon column filter. Will cause blockage, insoluble carbon powder will have an impact on product quality, so the activated carbon with a lot of floating materials must be thoroughly cleaned with pure water before use.

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