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Absolute Advantage Of Using Shell Activated Carbon

Jul. 13, 2018

The Fruit Shell Activated Carbon has the advantages of large surface area, developed micropores, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, fast adsorption speed, and long service life. The husk activated carbon produced by Fruit Shell Activated Carbon Factory is made of pure nut shell nucleus. After processing in our factory, it becomes a shell activated carbon which can remove odor, decolorize, adsorb harmful substances and inhibit bacteria sterilization. It can be used in the purification of high-purity water for food and pharmaceutical industries, household activated carbon, electronics industry, etc., and its use range is very wide.

1.there are many examples of shell-shell activated carbon used in refined gas. For example, gas masks, filters, deodorization of refrigerators, automobile exhaust gas treatment devices, etc., all utilize the excellent adsorption performance of activated carbon products, and the toxic components in the gas and Components that are unfavorable to the human body or odorous components are removed. For example, after adding 100-120 ng of activated carbon to the filter, a large part of the harmful substances in the flue gas can be removed.

2.Granular activated carbon, which is often used in gas phase adsorption, usually allows gas to be adsorbed through the activated carbon layer. The adsorption layer has different states of the activated carbon layer, and the adsorption layer has several fixed layers, a moving layer and a flowing layer. However, in small adsorbers such as refrigerators and deodorizers in automobiles, products rely on gas convection and diffusion for adsorption. In addition to granular activated carbon, activated carbon fibers and activated carbon moldings are also increasingly being used in gas phase adsorption.

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