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Introduction of Air Purification Activated Carbon

May. 16, 2018

Air purification activated carbon is a kind of activated carbon. It uses special high-grade activated carbon and is specially used to purify polluted air. It is called air purification activated carbon.

Air Purification Activated Carbon

Advantages of air purifying activated carbon

Coconut-dimensional carbon is a new type of activated carbon made from coconut shell as raw material, activated by high temperature, carbonized, and loaded with photocatalyst and carbon fiber. Its adsorption capacity for organic gases is 5 times higher than that of common activated carbon and its adsorption rate is faster.

Coconut Carbon has a developed specific surface area and a rich micropore diameter. The specific surface area can reach 1000-1600m2/g, the micropore volume is about 90%, and its micropore pore size is 10A-40A. It has the advantages of large specific surface area, moderate pore size, uniform distribution, fast adsorption, and less impurities.

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